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This fun 8-session course will equip you with skills to include tasty fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. You will also learn other healthy eating and living fundamentals. The goal is to decrease chronic diseases and put our families, neighbors, and church friends on the road to vibrant health. Become part of the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) revolution happening in our community! Running on Tuesday's and Thursday's this summer, check out our calendar for more info. 


Academic Excellence Program

Education is very important at the EAWC. There is a mandatory homework time M-Th, between the hours of 4-5 p.m. or until close if needed. This program provides homework assistance from staff, volunteers and students. There is also educational summer programs provided as well.


Healthy Spirits Pool League/Character Building Program

A local pool champion conducts this program M, W, F, of each week to provide instruction in pool play and character building for youths ages 8-18.


 Jesus Club (Elementary School Ages)

This group of elementary school children meets every Wednesday for spiritual enrichment. They are taught bible stories and often role play various bible characters. The children can also participate in a show and tell of what they have learned. This class is co-facilitated by the youth group from County Line Church of God..


Youth Ministry

Middle and High School students meet every Wednesday for bible study and Christian life skills training.  A wide array of activities is planned for youth to participate in. These include, but are not limited to: movies, guest speakers, in-state and out-of-state conferences, and field trips.  The youth are also given time for personal testimonies and building one-on-one relationships with staff and peers.


 Jewels Girls Program (Middle/High School)

Gatherings are held every Tuesday.  This program teaches young ladies simple bible truths, health and hygiene, emotional issues, career planning, peer pressure, and dating.  They also have guest speakers and go on field trips.  This program teaches young ladies to become precious jewels that shine bright in a dark world.


ONYX Club-(Middle/High School Boys)

Meetings are held every Thursday. Group topics include: discussing simple Bible truths, health and hygiene, and emotional issues.  Young men are also taught basic skills for improving character traits and how to develop strong male attitudes. Boys ONYX also teach young men how to respond proactively to peer pressure, as well as, how you treat a girl in a positive manner. They also have guest speakers and go on field trips.  This program is designed to develop young boys into healthy, positive, successful young men.


Kids Cafe

Kids Cafe' a program offered in collaboration with Community Harvest Food Bank.  Nutritional meals are provided for the youth each afternoon as they arrive at the Center after school.


Performing Arts Programs

This program is designed to give positive means of self expression.  This program offers a variety of art forms which include both visual and performing arts such as drums, keyboarding, guitars, dance, and much more...  Youth who participate in this program are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills during recitals.


 Recreational Field Trips

Children of all ages like to forget work sometimes and just play and have fun!  Sometimes recreation includes structured activities that take place both on and offsite.  This includes field trips, arts and crafts, and swimming. At other times, the children are free to play pool, bumper pool, board games, etc.  Recreation includes all ages.












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