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Founded in 1993

The Euell A. Wilson Center (EAWC) is a beacon of love, light and hope in the Fort Wayne community.  What started in the heart of founder, Shirley Woods, as a simple desire to help the children in her neighborhood has developed into a refuge offering both youth and family development.

 The EAWC was founded in honor of Euell A. Wilson, who made an impact on the city of Fort Wayne as a standout athlete at Bishop Dwenger High School.  Although he died at the age of nineteen, his legacy lives on in the rooms of the center that bears his name in the community where he was raised. 

 Focusing on faith, family and service, the EAWC serves youth and families through education, positive engagement and empowerment programs and services that nurture the whole person—mind, body and spirit.

 The lives of the children and families served at the EAWC are forever changed, because we are committed to always leading with Christ’s love.


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At the Center, we strive to guide the children of our community towards a future of fulfillment. We have over 10 programs for children ranging from 6-18 that teach them about faith, sportsmanship, academics and life. To see all the programs we offer, click the button below. 



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Jaquan King

Former Participant

Asst. Mgr. - Subway 

I’m writing this to let you guys know how great the Euell A. Wilson Center is. I attended the Center as a youth, and it was the best experience ever. The Center offers a lot of great opportunities for children, including academic help. The Center kept me out of trouble and my grades were always on track, thanks to the help I got from the most loving and caring staff in the world. They’re very family- orientated, so everyone that walks through the facility doors will always be welcomed in as family, no matter what race or age. The Center also put together field trips for the children to go bowling, skating, etc.

They offer group sessions on Wednesday for Bible Study for middle school and high school students, which was always fun. The moral of the story is that the Euell A. Wilson Center is a very great and fun opportunity for youth. 

I enjoyed the Center so much as a youth that I wish I could rewind time and repeat it all over again.


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Mary K. Vaughn

Former Participant

Founder - I Choose to Pass Movement

 The Euell A. Wilson Center became a part of my life at an early age. Growing up, all I can remember is that it was a pivotal force in my life.

For me, the Center was where my confidence began to grow. I can remember at age 5/6 being on the dance/step team. I was allowed to express myself in a creative way, all while being hyped up by my older peers. I wasn’t afraid of being myself, and that has helped me to this day.

Two of the other programs that contributed to who I am today were Jesus Club and the Jewels Girls Program. Mrs. Shirley and her staff knew the importance of personal and spiritual growth. Early on, I was taught about the Bible, and taught how to be a young lady. The Center will forever be in my heart. I will never forget the impact they made on my life as a child. I’m forever grateful for being a part.






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